What Do We Do with Your Gifts?

gifts.jpgHelp secure the future of the NCH Healthcare System Center for Philanthropy for your family, friends, and yourself. NCH provides top-quality healthcare to those in need. Future generations will benefit from gifts that support continued investments in technology, professional education, and facilities.

A gift by will can be designated for a particular area of interest such as cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, technology, or nursing education. Gifts by will can be used to create endowments that sustain support for NCH in perpetuity.

Irrevocable gifts assist NCH in financial planning by providing resources to forecast future support. In some cases, irrevocable gifts can be recognized now with an appropriate named program or room in an NCH facility. For example, NCH is slated to receive an interest in the sale of a home when the donor no longer needs the property. The future interest in the gift will help expand the Pulmonary Health and Wellness Center, and the donor is able to see the benefit provided by the gift during his lifetime.



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